iPhone Text Hack Issue Resolved With Latest iOS Update

effectivepowerA month or so ago, Apple’s presumed impenetrable iOS was hit with a simple annoying hack – a text message.

The odd looking text was making the rounds worldwide, causing widespread panic among iPhone users, and damaging Apple’s reputation as creator of an operating system that was impervious to virus or hack. Something as simple as a 4-line text was ‘breaking’ iPhones across the globe. Read More “iPhone Text Hack Issue Resolved With Latest iOS Update”

How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Cell Phone

Your phone took a swim and you don’t know what to do. Follow these steps to mitigate the damage and prevent even more damage.

Hopefully, you are reading this to be prepared for the off-chance that you drop your phone into your drink. For the rest of you, here are some tips on how best to recover your phone after it has taken a dive. A key ingredient to the success of saving your phone is TIME. Two other factors to resuscitating your cell phone are OPENNESS and POWER.

There are various and sundry articles on what to do after you’ve dropped your phone in water, when to do it and with what particular items, etc. Most would qualify as urban legend, i.e. the bag of rice. The concepts and steps we outline in this article are based on science, testing and some common sense. Read More “How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Cell Phone”