The Galaxy S6 Edge – Is It ‘Edgy’ Enough To Justify the Cost?

Samsung’s new flagship mobile phone, the Galaxy S6 Edge, is a bit pricier than the standard S6, but is it worth it? Well, that depends on how you view the extra costs. According to cell phone repair technicians we interviewed, the Edge’s is substantially more expensive to repair than a standard mobile phone screen if it is cracked or shattered. It is also about $100 more expensive than the standard S6. So the question remains – is it worth it?

The ‘Cool Factor’

To justify the extra costs, let’s take a look at what you get. To begin with, the curved screen is a first and is cutting edge technology. You won’t find this feature on any other phone. So if you are one of those folks who are willing to pay extra to have the newest thing on the block, then you likely won’t mind shelling out a bit extra for this one. Remember when the original iPhone first came out? It was so much more expensive than any other mobile phone, but it was just so cool that everyone had to have one. The Edge has a little of that going for it. That curved screen is just really cool.

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The Downside

So you’ve decided that an extra $100 isn’t a problem if you get to own the latest and greatest from Samsung. Well, what’s the downside? Like we mentioned, repairing these little babies isn’t cheap. The screens are much more expensive than a standard screen, so if you drop it and it cracks, there goes all that ‘cool factor’ you gained until it’s repaired. We’ve heard that these phones are prone to fall because the way the screen is laid out making them a little tricky to hold.

So what’s up with that curved screen anyway? There are (will be) apps that use the new functionality. The new screen supports edge swipes, and the screen edge functions as a readable part of the phone in the off-chance that you put your lay your phone face-down (who does that anyway?) So although it is very snazzy to look at, the functionality of the ‘edge’ isn’t quite ready for prime time.


So you’ve heard some of the pros and the cons. We didn’t mention that the depth of the screen seems to make photos seem more alive, and that the camera is bar none the best. We also didn’t cover the limited battery life and the fact that the battery isn’t removable any more or that there isn’t an SD slot any longer. Before you dive in, you should take a long look at the new features, customer reviews. Better yet, go hold one. You may find the Edge to be so mesmerizing that you must own one now.

Or not.

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