iPhone Text Hack Issue Resolved With Latest iOS Update

effectivepowerA month or so ago, Apple’s presumed impenetrable iOS was hit with a simple annoying hack – a text message.

The odd looking text was making the rounds worldwide, causing widespread panic among iPhone users, and damaging Apple’s reputation as creator of an operating system that was impervious to virus or hack. Something as simple as a 4-line text was ‘breaking’ iPhones across the globe.

There was virtually no way to prevent your phone from being exploited. If you received the text (whether you read it or not), your phone would reboot to the Apple screen and then restart in about 15 seconds.

So Apple got right to work – adding the fix to the next update to iOS. The new release is now available and downloading to iPhones. iOS 8.4 just downloaded to my iPhone 5 and now the hack no longer crashes my phone.

This chapter in iOS hacking is now closed, but it opened the door to curious hackers who now know that iOS isn’t the impregnable fortress that they though it was.

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